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Water activated tape

Ecological water activated tape is a perfect tailor-made product for the companies which put first sustainable business. It gives you the confidence of well packed packages with eco-friendly approach.for the environment.


Water activated tape is the most ecological from our offer. It is 100% biodegradable. Save your time – no need to taer off the tape from the carton. They can be disposed together



Quick and efficient packaging is made with the help of dedicated dispensers: hand , half-automatic and automatic dispenser. Find out which one is more situable for you. Send environmental-friendly packages.




Strong starch-based glue gives you high adhesion to the surface. The security of packages is assured. It leaves visible marks on the carton in case of unjustifiable opening.


Hand dispenser TapeZ

dimensions: 343x81x132 mm
weight: 0,46 kg
rolls’s width: do 50 mm
tape’s length: max 100 m
tape’s length settings: not available
tape: regular

Half-automatic dispenser

dimensions: 500x270x260 mm
weight: 17,5 kg
rolls’s width: 20-80 mm
tape’s length: max 300 m
tape’s length settings: 2 setting buttons
tape: regular / reinforced

Automatic dispenser

dimensions: 500x300x315 mm
weight: 16 kg
rolls’s width: 20-80 mm
tape’s length: max 250 m
tape’s length settings: 2 buttons on dispenser and 8 on th screen
tape: regular / reinforced


width: 38, 48, 50, 60, 70, 80, 150 mm
length: 200 m
total thickness: 95 my
adhesive: potato starch
raw material: kraft paper
colour: brown

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