Three. Times. More.


Packaging tape on 1-inch core is a perfect solution for companies which main business is packing and sending parcels. This product provides 3 times more benefits in comparison to a classic packaging tape on 3-inch core.

Save space

The length of a 1-inch core tape matches the length of three 3-inch rolls od packaging tape. By choosing this newly product You save warehouse space without losing any metres of the packaging tape that You have at the same time.


Save money

Waste disposal is a cost that every company must take into account. Thanks to the use of a smaller, 1-inch core, the amount of waste generated is significantly reduced. This is a real time saving associated with emptying the container and, above all, a reduction in the cost of disposal of this waste.


Save time

Working in a storage is based on efficiency. By choosing tape with a longer winding, on a 1-inch core, you save time necessary to replace a used roll of packaging tape with a new one. Three times longer roll of tape means three times less need to replace the roll on the dispenser!



dimensions: 48 x 135
width: 48 mm
length: 135 m
type of glue: hot-melt / solvent
carrier: BOPP
colour brown / transparent

Where to buy

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