May 6, 2023


The time has come for big changes!

Packaging tapes from the Eurotape group will change their branding to Dalpo. The rebranding process includes the visual side of the products, as well as their existing names. For the past few months, the sleeves on the packaging tapes have been marked with a so-called transition sticker, which has now been replaced by the target design.


We decided to bet on the manufacturer’s brand. More than 30 years of experience in packaging tape production is a guarantee of the highest professionalism.

What exactly has changed?

Product groups within packaging tapes:


 before rebranding
 Freezer Freezer
Basic Acrylic
Nastri Adesivi Solvent
Silent Silent
Green HM*
Green S*

*applies to kraft paper tapes


The packaging of the tapes will also be changed. The white cartons with the EuroTape logo will be replaced by packaging with the Dalpo logo.