October 6, 2022

20th anniversary at Dalpo

Maciej Kłos – COO at Dalpo Group is celebrating 20 years of seniority. It is on this occasion that we talk about the beginnings, development, passion and challenges, of which there has been no shortage recently.

The bio on the company website reads “Always wanted to raise sheep in the Bieszczady”. – and yet you ended up at Dalpo and stayed for 20 years… describe the genesis of this decision?

The Bieszczady are still a part of my life, admittedly not in the form of sheep breeding but trekking on foot or “motorbike”. Each time I visit redonts (a place where beech wood is burnt) and bring charcoal for a barbecue. Dreams of grazing sheep go back to the deep communist era (born 1965). The choice of studies , then an apprenticeship and a PhD were all related to sheep. Life is unpredictable. After the advent of the free market economy, I returned from economic exile to my home country and became a so-called “sales worker”, i.e. I catered to customers’ many needs, but that is a topic for a longer conversation. In the meantime, I retrained to keep up with the times of the free market economy.

It is said of beginnings that they can often be difficult, how do you recall yours at Dalpo? Perhaps some particular challenges are memorable for you?

The first challenge was to convince the owners that the so-called folders with handwritten notes, after my predecessor, were completely useless and needed to be disposed of. It worked. After that, things went smoothly, and that was because I was given the confidence and independence to make decisions.

A lot has changed in 20 years at Dalpo. What represents your greatest professional success and what has been the most difficult challenge? How do you assess the market from the perspective of this time?
The greatest success is building a competent sales and after-sales team, with people who have been working there for several years and for whom the adventure with Dalpo is many times their first professional experience. Competence and the trust of my colleagues are the key to Dalpo’s success. As for the toughest challenge, I believe it is in front of us, that is to lead a team of people together with their families through a period of war in the neighbour, energy crisis, high inflation in these unstable and unpredictable times. This is a goal that Dalpo’s board and I are currently working towards.

Sales have been an integral part of your work for 20 years. What goals are you setting for the coming years?

To transfer the sales part of the company into competent hands, a process that is ongoing.
Depending on the predisposition of my children, introduce them into the operational activities of the company, i.e. I am increasingly thinking about succession

Everyone knows there is more to life than hard work, so what is your way of relaxing in your spare time?

Before my heart attack a few years ago, I had two passions; high altitude trekking and scuba diving. I pursued these passions on several continents and oceans. Nowadays, due to the adrenaline rush of my profession, I have returned to motorcycling. The mountains remain, but only up to 2 000mnpm, diving too, but in the form of snorkelling. Almost every day I find time for a bike ride or a walk.

If you had to give one piece of advice to Maciej on his first day on the job, what information would you give him?

Surround yourself with people with passions and be a mentor to them.